Team Envy reveal their Overwatch Contenders team

Including five ex-Envision players.

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Esports organisation Team Envy has taken to Twitter to reveal that they've just signed an Overwatch Contenders team, marking their return to the Contenders competition with five players formerly of Envision, meaning the whole roster looks like this:

  • Casey 'Buds' McIlwaine

  • William 'Crimzo' Hernandez

  • Anthony 'Fire' King

  • Bryan 'iShiny' McCarthy

  • Caleb 'McGravy' McGarvey

  • Ronnie 'Talespin' DuPree

Talespin used to play for Envy back in 2016, and if you'll recall, back at the end of June we reported that Envision had dropped their Contenders team, which have now found a new home.

The competition for North America starts today, and Envy will play their first match of the season on Thursday. Can they do well with this team?

Photo: Team Envy

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