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Rainbow Six: Siege

Team Empire take down G2 Esports in Six Major Raleigh

The Rainbow Six: Siege competition saw the same grand final as the Six Invitational, except this time Empire won.

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The Rainbow Six: Major tournament in Raleigh just wrapped up this past weekend, and while we had the reveal of new operators and a map rework, esports fans will also be interested to hear that Team Empire took home the trophy at the tournament too.

Empire has been a familiar face in the scene, performing well back at the Six Invitational and proving a threat for G2 Esports, and they actually won the Pro League finals in Milan earlier this year as well. This year they proved too much for G2 as well, defeating them 3-1 in the grand final.

Things started off well for them with a close win on Border, but G2 fought back for their own victory in Kafe Dostoyevsky. Clubhouse and Coastline both went the way of Empire though, with all these maps being very tight margins of victory.

Both teams emerged top of their groups and impressed throughout though, with G2 beating TSM and forZe 2-0 each to get to the final. Empire had to beat FaZe Clan and Team Secret 2-1 each to face them though, getting revenge for their Six Invitational loss in the last Major.

Did you expect Empire to win?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: Ubisoft

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