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Team Dignitas withdraws from NA League of Legends

An era ends as one of the original LCS teams says goodbye to the North American LOL scene.

Team Dignitas is abandoning League of Legends in North America. That seems clear after the team has posted a video to YouTube titled Our LCS Adventure, highlighting the organisation's storied run in the NA professional League.

Dignitas was one of the Big Four teams on the US scene, who along with Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming and Curse (now Team Liquid) have roots going back to before the LCS was launched. Like TSM and CLG, they were one of the few teams to receive direct invites to the first LCS season.

But that era is now over. Dignitas had a terrible Spring split this year, finishing the regular season in last place and losing their relegation match. With the team heading in to the Challenger Division, the Dignitas organization has opted to sell their team spot. Though no official confirmation has been given yet, reports indicate that Apex Gaming is acquiring Dignitas' old spot.

Team Dignitas withdraws from NA League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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