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Clash Royale

Team Dignitas reveal additions to Clash Royale team

Including two players and a coach.

Esports organisation Team Dignitas has announced that it has signed not only two players, but also a coach for its first Clash Royale team. These players - Maxence 'MaxLaMenace' Piriou and George 'Trainer Diputs' Galvin - will be coached by Benjamin 'Ben™' Rogers in the first Clash Royale League season in Europe this August.

MaxLaMenace has already won titles like the MSC Winter French Cup 2017, while Trainer Diputs was the first player to ever achieve Grand Champion status, having won competitions himself like the Clash Royale NYC Winter Wars too, so both are decorated players. Ben™, meanwhile, has experience as a coach for Tribe Gaming.

"I am extremely proud to be given this role in an organization like Team Dignitas with such a rich history in esports. Identifying and nurturing talented players for competition at an elite level is the part of this industry that inspires me," said Ben™. "I truly approach coaching in a holistic manner, considering each player's history, experience, wellness and development as integral pieces in building a true team. In a team-based league, cohesion and a positive, productive vibe are going to be the key to success. I dare our competitors to sleep on us this season."

How well can these guys do together?

Clash Royale
Photo: Supercell

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