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Heroes of the Storm

Team Dignitas' Bakery talks leadership and UK esports

The captain of the Western Clash champions talked with us at IEM Katowice.

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After reigning victorious in Heroes of the Storm's Western Clash, we got the chance to chat with one Team Dignitas' players, James "Bakery" Baker. Although he's the team's captain, he explains that he's not the only member of the team with leadership responsibilities, and that his role is very much behind the scenes:

"So that role for me means things out of game. We actually have a different in-game leader to me - JayPL is our in-game leader. And my role mainly focuses on things like communicating with the org, communicating with other teams, structuring how we practice and how we try to improve and just in general, infrastructure."

Being a British player himself, we asked Bakery what his thoughts were on the UK's esports scene and why it's not quite as thriving as other countries:

"So I never actually played in the UK esports scene - my teammate Snitch actually did very extensively in League of Legends. Just in general it seems like in the UK, there's not as much of a 'tryhard' vibe as in some of the other European countries. In the UK, our gaming culture's very much Call of Duty, FIFA and hang out with mates, whereas in other countries such as Sweden, it seems to be much more competitive. Like okay, let's make a custom game on CS:GO and deathmatch each other."

"I think honestly it's just a kind of culture issue why esports isn't so great, but I do think any player from the UK that really wants to be good and really tries hard has a great opportunity."

Why do you think esports struggles sometimes in the UK?

Heroes of the Storm

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