Team Dignitas announce new Smite roster

There are some old and some new faces.

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Established esports organisation Team Dignitas has announced its new team for Hi-Rez Studios' Smite, featuring a selection of European talent from France, Denmark, and Sweden

Kenny "Arkkyl" Ruska is among those in the team, and he performed extremely well with Sanguine Esports last year, and he is joined by Jeppe "TrixTank" Gylling and Anders "Qvofred" Korsbo, both of whom are from Denmark and have experienced success in competitions like the Launch Tournaments, Seasons 2 and 3, and even last year's World Championship.

Joacim "Zyrhoes" Verngren, from Sweden, has also experienced success in tournaments such as the 2014 and 2015 World Championships, not to mention last year's where he coached NRG eSports to the final. Rounding off the team is Harry "Variety" Cumming, a former Dignitas player.

These players will be coached by Australian Kurtis "Biggy" Davidson, who played for Avant Garde at the 2016 World Championship, also coaching LG Dire Wolves at the World Championships this year.

If you can't wait to see the team in action, you'll get the chance to do just that in the Smite Pro League Season 4 Spring Split between February 15 and March 26.

"I am delighted to unveil our new Smite lineup," commented Michael "ODEE" O'Dell, Team Dignitas' President. "We find Smite incredibly captivating and have been proud to compete and support this game since its launch. We are pleased with Variety's return and are confident that the teammates he has assembled will be exciting to watch in the SPL."

"It's a tremendous feeling being part of Team Dignitas once again, especially with the backing of the Sixers and the opportunities and support they offer," added Team Captain Harry "Variety" Cumming. "It's a feeling very few gamers are able to experience: signing with one of the titans of the eSports world. We hope to bring Dignitas to the top of the European and world rankings, and prove ourselves, not just as individual players, but as a team."

Smite is trying to compete with games like League of Legends and Dota 2 in the esports space, but do big names like Team Dignitas signing teams mean that it has the legs to last?

Photo: Team Dignitas

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