Tales of the Shire

Tales of the Shire makes us long for a quiet life as a hobbit with first trailer

No orcs here, just little people with simple lives, thanks to Weta Workshop and Private Division.

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As promised a couple of weeks ago, Private Division and Wētā Workshop have finally unveiled Tale of the Shire, their lifesim for being a true hobbit of the Shire and living a peaceful existence in Middle-earth.

This title will take us to live in the enchanting Bywater, where we will have to farm, build relationships, cook and organise the best possible festival for the village to achieve official recognition. The studio has prepared a trailer as cozy as its premise, which you can watch below.


"We're excited to give players the opportunity to make their fantasies come true and live the simple life of a Shire hobbit," says Kelly Tyson, Wētā Workshop's product manager. "Tales of the Shire brings a welcoming new dimension to the way fans can experience Middle-earth, spiced with plenty of uplifting, hobbit-centric mechanics to win over newcomers to the genre.

This is by far the most unique Lord of the Rings game we've seen. While the rest always lean towards the action part and saving Middle-earth from Sauron or some other ancient evil, this time we'll be asked to do the most difficult task possible: be a hobbit and not go on adventures trying. Tales of the Shire is coming in the second half of 2024 to PC, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, at a date yet to be determined.

Tales of the Shire

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