Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands will soon resurface on digital storefronts

The game has not been available since 2019 following the demise of Telltale Games.

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It has been confirmed that Tales from the Borderlands will return to digital storefronts on February 17, 2021 after a disappearance of almost two years. Following the demise of Telltale Games, the episodic title was pulled from sale much like many other additions into the beloved developer's catalogue. Fans joining the series with Borderlands 3 will now be able to go back and explore this hilarious adventure set within the Borderlands universe.

We quite enjoyed the game when it released in 2014, and when we reviewed the full series, we described it as an "interesting spin-off on Gearbox Software's popular loot 'em up."

Are you planning on jumping into this one for the very first time?

Tales from the Borderlands

Thanks, IGN.

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