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Taking a closer look at HyperX's "armed" monitors

The new Armada line of screens by HP's recently-acquired accessories & peripherals brand comes with a sturdy arm in the box.

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HyperX surprised many at Gamescom the other day when they introduced their first-ever gaming monitor line-up, the HyperX Armada, so we paid a visit to the manufacturer's business booth to learn more with senior screen manager Tiffany Rodriguez, who showed off the features in the video below.

Besides the usual details and specs, Rodriguez recalls that "they're the very first gaming monitors that come with an ergonomic arm system", and admits that the most interesting possibility is that "you can actually expand the system to add multiple displays on one monitor arm".

In terms of the two products available, she recommends the more compact and faster "for esports users, it's 240 Hz refresh rate, a little bit of a smaller screen size so you don't have to turn your head", whereas the bigger size and resolution variant including HDR is meant more "for immersive games, MMO RPG or maybe just watch Netflix, movies, things like that".

Besides, when asked about the chance of seeing even bigger panels in the future (say 32 inches), Rodriguez says HyperX are fully open to the possibility "as Armada is supposed to be an ecosystem".


  • HyperX Armada 25: 24.5 inch IPS FHD panel, 240 Hz, 1ms response. DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0.

  • HyperX Armada 27: 27 inch IPS QHD HDR 400 panel, 165 Hz, 1ms response. DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0.

Taking a closer look at HyperX's "armed" monitors
Taking a closer look at HyperX's "armed" monitorsTaking a closer look at HyperX's "armed" monitors

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