Red Dead Redemption

Take-Two thinks it has set a "commercially accurate" price for the Red Dead Redemption port

£40 for a 13-year-old game is all good for CEO Strauss Zelnick.

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When rumours started swirling that Rockstar was working on some kind of return for Red Dead Redemption, many hoped and prayed that it would be a full remake coming to PC and current-gen platforms. Then earlier this week the project was confirmed and revealed to be solely a port of the 13-year-old game, which is only coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, fans have not been very impressed, and are even more disappointed to see the price tag that the game retails at.

Take-Two and Rockstar will be selling Red Dead Redemption (again, a port, not even a remaster) on PS4 and Switch for £40, which is more than what you can often get Red Dead Redemption 2 for these days, as the game seems to be on sale every other week.

Speaking about selling the game at this price point, CEO Strauss Zelnick stated on a recent earnings call that this is "what we believe is the commercially accurate price for it," begging the question what Take-Two sees as a "commercially accurate" price for an actually brand new game.

While Red Dead Redemption will debut on PS4 and Nintendo Switch (not on PC unfortunately, and not on Xbox because of backwards compatibility still providing access to the original game) on August 17, Take-Two did also use the recent earnings call to reveal some updated figures on the franchise as a whole.

The series is at 79 million sold units, with Red Dead Redemption 2 accounting for over 55 million of these.

Red Dead Redemption

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