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Take-Two hit with lawsuit over NBA 2K microtransactions

Virtual currency worth millions disappear every time Take-Two closes the servers, with no way of moving the money to the next game.

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Take-Two Interactive is no stranger to accusations about greedy microtransactions, but there are rarely any real consequences outside angry gamers who are still buying the publisher's games each year.

But occasionally, someone is fed up, and that has now happened as Take-Two has been hit with lawsuit over the microtransactions in the NBA 2K franchise. Axios reports the accusation is "theft", as the virtual currency you buy for the games is pretty much stolen from you when the servers are being closed - which generally happens way to fast. And as you know, there is no way of moving old currency to the next game, despite the fact that it would be an easy solution.

This practice is now called "unfair, illegal and greedy" in the class-action complaint that was filed in federal court in California a few days ago, and Take-Two has not commented on this lawsuit yet. We'll make sure to follow the case and will get back to you with more information on how this story unfolds.

NBA 2K24

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