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The Last of Us: Part II

Take a look at this stunning The Last of Us: Part II statue

Naughty Dog has partnered up with Dark Horse to release a stunning statue of Ellie from The Last of Us: Part II.

Are you looking to stock up on The Last of Us: Part II merchandise prior to the game's release on May 29 of this year? Dark Horse and Naughty Dog have got you covered with the recently revealed collectable statue of The Last of Us' Ellie all grown up. As we reported yesterday, The Last of Us: Part II had some collectable items revealed just recently and one of those items was the beautiful statue of Ellie from the upcoming The Last of Us sequel.

The $99.99, 8'' statue is limited to a number depending on pre-order quantities and will be pre-orderable until March 13 of this year. The statue is made of polyresin and comes with a round terrain base complete with a relief of the game's logo. If you're looking to grab one, the statue is set to ship between June and September of this year. Check out the video detailing the build below.

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