Borderlands 3

Take a look at this extremely limited Borderlands 3 Xbox Series X

Designed to look like Claptrap, the console will also come with a custom controller.

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2K has partnered with XboxPope to create an extremely limited Borderlands 3 Xbox Series X console. The system of which is designed to look like Claptrap, also comes with a custom Xbox controller to match the design.

The catch with this system however is how rare it is, as only one is available. The lucky individual who will receive this console will be determined by a contest where the designer, Pope, will be judging. Currently the details regarding the competition are yet to be revealed (set for Monday November 9 to be exact) but if you want to be in for a shot at the custom Series X, you might want to start preparing for whatever it entails now.

Check out some pictures of the system below.

Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

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