The Amazing American Circus

Take a look at the newly released launch trailer for The Amazing American Circus

We also have several new screenshots for you to feast your eyes on.

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Juggler Games has just released a launch trailer (which you can watch above) to celebrate the arrival of its deck-building strategy title, The Amazing American Circus. The game, if you are unaware, features both management and card-based mechanics, and it sees you try and wow audiences after assembling your own traveling circus of performers. The Amazing American Circus features more than 15 unique performers, 200 hand-drawn cards, and 32 types of audience members, so it seems there's plenty of depth to be found here.

Along with the brand-new launch trailer, several more screenshots for the game were also unveiled and these shed light on some interesting details. It seems that you'll be able to recruit a chicken as a performer and several cards that will be accessible to the Face Changer performer have been revealed. You can take a look at these screenshots below:

The Amazing American CircusThe Amazing American Circus
The Amazing American CircusThe Amazing American Circus

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