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Take a look at our FIFA 23 vs eFootball 2023 comparison

EA's last FIFA-licensed entry and Konami's F2P offering are quite different nowadays in terms of content, but which one sports better graphics?

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There's a lot to say about FIFA 23's more scripted experience and eFootball 2023's more traditional, free-roaming approach when it comes to pure football gameplay, but with the former released just a few days ago (you can read our FIFA 23 review here) and the latter seeing its content updated with the new season, today we wanted to put our focus on the visual authenticity of the most-played titles based on the beautiful game.

Inter Milan and FC Barcelona faced last night at the Giuseppe Meazza/San Siro stadium, so we played the same game in both PS5 titles for you to draw your own comparisons and conclusions. Keep in mind that both Inter and Barça and partner clubs to Konami's, hence the added visual glare for their players and stadiums.

FIFA 23, the grass and the atmosphere

The new grass, some of the new HyperMotion2 animations, the stadium atmosphere and the official screen graphics look the part, but some other animations are subpar and 3D models and faces for several players aren't there yet.


eFootball 2023, the faces and the locker rooms

Lautaro Martínez, Lukaku, Pedri, Sergi Roberto, Lewandowski, or Ter Stegen seem to look better, and there are shots from inside the stadium, but PES Team's lighting and turf took a clear hit when moving to Unreal Engine.


And why are some squads and injury conditions not yet updated or reflected on both games? Which one do you think looks and/or plays better?

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