Star Wars Battlefront

Take a look at Chewbacca and Bossk in Star Wars Battlefront

Dice give some details on the new heroes.

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We already knew that the Death Star expansion for Star Wars Battlefront would be released sometime this month, and the launch trailer will be shown later today (you'll find it here on Gamereactor), but now Dice has shared some more details regarding two of the new heroes that will be added to the game with the Death Star - good old Chewbacca and the infamous bounty hunter Bossk.

Here's what Dice had to say:

"Chewbacca has more health than most heroes and a small amount of armour that allows him be the much-needed Rebel tank. Chewbacca may not move as fast as the other Rebel heroes, but his damage absorption more than makes up for it."

"Armed with his signature Bowcaster, Chewbacca can deal out even more damage than he can take. You will find his Bowcaster even more powerful than the troopers' Star Card as it initially only shoots one explosive bolt and doesn't have a hold and release behaviour."

Chewie is also armed with Mighty Roar which gives both himself and nearby rebels "the level three Berserker effect and very high armour" for a limited time. To make things worse for enemies, he also has the Multi-Bolts to shoot multiple shots at once and Ground Slam to create small earthquakes. His trait is Furious firing which multiplies his explosive bolts as you climb in level.

Bossk on the other hand is very hard to kill with the ability to escape even the most deadly situations. Dice says that he "is an enemy that you just can't get rid of and his sustainability on the battlefront is higher than most". One of the reasons for this is his trait Trandoshan Regeneration which can "regenerate a percentage of his health with each soldier kill or high damage to a hero. The health regenerated will increase with your trait."

He also has Predatory Instincts to run fast, increased damage and heat vision. There's also the Toxic Escape to make Bossk "leap in the air in the direction he was moving and drop a highly toxic Dioxis Grenade on the spot he was a second before." Those Dioxis are of course also better than the regular versions.

He is armed with a modified Relby-v10, which surely will cayse havoc and also has Micro-Grenades to expand this even further.

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

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