World War 3

Take a closer look at WW3's customisation options

The Farm 51 keeps on expanding and improving its team online multiplayer tactical FPS World War 3.

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After releasing the pretty unique Chernobylite in the summer (and when its console release is about the corner), The Farm 51 has shifted again its working emphasis back to World War 3, the realistic tactical shooter that the team has been evolving in Early Access since 2018.

The following video focuses on the different customisation options and uniforms players can wear and equip in the game:


The video describes how to create your own playable operator and how the Polish team studied and 3D-scanned real-world wearable gear and weapons as a source of inspiration and fidelity.

The Farm 51 promises more updates "in the weeks and months ahead", which might indicate a final version looming on the horizon...

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