Tag Heuer has announced a limited edition Super Mario watch for over $2000

The timepiece will be rare as only 2000 units will be produced.

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Luxury watch manufacturer Tag Heuer has announced that it is launching an incredibly limited edition series of Super Mario watches, for the completely reasonable price of $2150. The watch, of which only 2000 are being made, is a smart watch that features Mario in the centre of the timepiece that seemingly uses the Connected Wear OS as its body.

Tag Heuer's description of the watch reads, "Tag Heuer and Super Mario have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind Connected Watch Limited Edition."

The watch also promises new animations that can be unlocked as wearers reach their step goals, with some "surprise twists". In a typical Mario fashion, this can include Mario growing larger if he consumes a Super Mushroom or rather becoming sparkly and invincible if he grabs a Super Star, as you go about achieving your fitness goals.

The watch itself also comes in a red and black design, to fit the Super Mario theme. Take a look at it yourself over here.

Tag Heuer has announced a limited edition Super Mario watch for over 00

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