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Tackling cheaters is "vital" for PUBG esports

We spoke to Atila Yeşildağ, esports operations manager at PUBG Corp., about the priorities ahead of the PUBG Europe League.

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The PEL (PUBG Europe League) will commence its first week starting on March 21 at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET), as we reported yesterday, and we managed to speak to Atila Yeşildağ - esports operations manager at PUBG Corp. - about the competition, including the overarching goals of PUBG esports.

"The overall goal is to provide a dedicated structured team-based ecosystem for regular competitions to occur, where our community can either participate or/ and watch, building their skills and strategies, while cheering for their favourite teams/ players," was the answer.

"For PEL specifically; the PUBG Europe League is the premier destination for competitive PUBG gaming in Europe. With an increased schedule of competitive matches throughout the season, PEL will provide players a foundation in which to build their skills and strategies, and fans a place to regularly engage with the best PUBG teams in Europe. Our intention; a modern, excellent Battle Royale Esports league using state of the art production values to create the best viewing and competitive experience ."

The PEL will be a joint partnership tournament between the developer and StarLadder, meaning there will be both high-quality production and gameplay, which has learned and taken inspiration from previous events. "Our partnership with StarLadder was one of the steps that we took to ensure it works best for viewers. The partnership will combine their great experience in esports production with PUBG's insight to our competitive community," Yeşildağ explained.

As well as producing a high-quality tournament, the developer also plans to bring the hammer down on cheaters. From now on, PUBG Corp. will be continually monitoring cheaters and engaging in random checks on players, and on top of that all the PEL games will be played on LAN to ensure stability and integrity, which will be open to the public to come and watch live after stage two.

Yeşildağ said: "this topic is vital for us. It represents the competition's integrity and we are doing our utmost best to ensure we have all the options in place."

You can watch the competition on Twitch when it launches this month, but for now we'll have to wait patiently for the league to kick off.

Do you have high hopes?

PUBG: Battlegrounds
Photo: PUBG Corp.

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