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Dota 2

T1 has dropped its Dota 2 head coach

Following failing to qualify for The International 2022, the esports organisation has made changes to its Dota coaching staff.

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The International 2022 has already been a very surprising event, as multiple top teams have already been eliminated from the tournament, all while certain teams that made it to the quarter-finals last year failed to qualify for the event altogether. One of those very rosters was T1, and with this disappointing development, the esports organisation has made changes to its coaching staff as it prepares for a better run next year.

As announced on Twitter, T1 has released coach Park "March" Tae-won.

"Thank you, March

"Today, we part ways with DOTA2 team's head coach 'March'.

"Thank you and we wish you all the best in the future."

There's no mention as to who will be joining T1 in March's place or likewise what's next for the head coach, but as for The International 2022 itself, the tournament concludes later this week, and you can find the closing match schedule right here.

Dota 2

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