Grand Theft Auto VI

T-Pain reveals he has a role in Grand Theft Auto VI

But taking that job meant he could no longer play on GTA V RP servers.

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T-Pain is best-known for his music career, but he's also an avid gamer and streamer. When he's not surprising us all with how good his voice sounds without autotune, the musician is apparently busy working for Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto VI.

In a recent stream, T-Pain told his viewers how he has an undisclosed role in Grand Theft Auto VI, but this job came at the cost of playing in the Grand Theft Auto V RP servers. T-Pain claims he was active in No Pixel, a famous roleplaying server before Rockstar told him he couldn't do it anymore.

A true sacrifice, by the looks of things. This news has obviously got fans speculating about who T-Pain could be or what he could be doing with Grand Theft Auto VI. It's possible that he has his own character in the game, or he could just be helping produce music in the background. If he does have his own persona, it'd be great to hear his voice as one of the many radio DJs we're likely to have in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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