System Shock

System Shock Remake posts AI art, fans aren't happy

It seems that the developers are happy to have started a conversation, though.

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The System Shock Remake team recently posted an image of SHODAN, the game's primary antagonist, which was generated by AI.

The use of AI art will earn anyone at least some controversy online, but the team behind the System Shock Remake have seen a lot of flak thanks to their use of the technology. However, it seems that the developers are standing by their use of AI art.

In a Twitter post following the original tweet, the System Shock account said "an AI using AI to imagine what AI would look like in a physical form; doesn't get more meta than that... which was the entire point of starting the conversation."

Underneath the original post, the team elaborated on the conversation they wanted to start. "This was never about using AI to create artwork instead of using real people. This was about using AI to imagine what AI imagines itself to look like," the replies read. "We will use AI again to create other pieces (including artwork). We may well use AI in other areas too. But this will never be at the expense of using skilled people or their creative talents."

As you can see by looking at other replies, this argument might not have won over the fanbase, but it seems that the System Shock will continue to use AI regardless.

System Shock

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