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System Shock 3

System Shock 3 will go back to "unanswered questions"

Warren Spector talked in the Starstream about what attracted him to the sequel.

During the recent Starstream hosted by Starbreeze Studios, legendary game designer Warren Spector, who has worked on the System Shock games, explained his decision to come back to the series for System Shock 3, and there's no shortage of reasons.

"What attracted me to go back to System Shock was the richness of the world," Spector said. "Back in 1994 we released a game that had amazing characters, it had a really rich, deep story, it had a setting that I think, and thought at the time, was really compelling, a world that was believable. I mean one of the things I love about System Shock is that it's a believable world, not just a random collection of corridors where you shoot things, so the richness of the world certainly appealed to me, and there's some unanswered questions in the fiction that I thought would be fun to come back to as well."

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System Shock 3

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