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System Shock 3

System Shock 3 confirmed, might be a VR game

Survey hints at VR interest as OtherSide officially confirms new game.

System Shock 3 has been officially announced by OtherSide Entertainment, with confirmation of the game's development coming over on Twitter.

The game was in fact unveiled via a teaser site last week, and now there's even more speculation surrounding the title after an online survey asked potential players whether they'd be interested in playing the game in virtual reality (well, actually it asked people to rate their interest in VR - we're extrapolating).

Given the immersive roots of the series, it'd certainly be a good fit for a VR experience, although it'd also be wise not to read too much into this at the moment, with the studio likely dipping a toe rather than taking a wholehearted plunge.

Either way we're interested in finding out more about the project, and if you are too you then this way (although at the time of writing the site seems to be unavailable).

System Shock 3

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