Synth Riders

Synth Riders is getting another selection of Muse tracks

It includes hits such as "Starlight," "Uprising," and "Madness."

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Synth Riders has teamed up with British rock superstars Muse once again to release a five-song pack containing some of their greatest hits. The pack is out now and it includes classics such as "Starlight," "Uprising," and "Madness." All songs here can be purchased individually or within a bundle and there is currently a discount applied of 20%. A brand-new teaser trailer for the DLC can be watched in the video above.

Abraham Aguero, Creative Director Kluge Interactive said: "It's incredibly inspiring to be able to work with Muse again. They are a perfect fit for Synth Riders because of their sound - when you ride the rails to match the vocals, the combination is electrifying and emotional. For the Experience, our creative interpretation of the song's lyrics gave us the freedom to explore a whole galaxy of particles, abstract images, and even a black hole!"

You can take a look at the full tracklisting below:

  • Starlight + Experience

  • Uprising

  • Madness

  • Reapers

  • Pressure

Synth Riders

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