Synth Riders

Synth Riders is dancing its way onto PSVR on July 27

The freestyle dancing game comes with 55 licenced tracks.

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After proving to be a knockout success on Oculus Quest and PC VR, Synth Riders will be dancing its way onto PSVR on July 27. Developed by Kluge Interactive, Synth Riders is a freestyle dancing game that tasks players with moving their arms to the beat to catch the many brightly coloured orbs moving towards them.

Players who pick up the game will have access to a library of 55 licensed songs and an additional 20-30 can be purchased through standalone Music Packs. These purchasable packs include an Adrenaline pack that contains songs from The Offspring and Bad Religion and a Synthwave 2 Essentials pack that has songs from Muse and Gunship.

There is a chance too for players to be able to win the game's Complete Music Collection add-on bundle if they head to the following site and set a reminder.

Synth Riders

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