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Synduality announced during Sony's livestream

A Japanese action adventure with mechs, developed by Bandai Namco.

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Sony had beforehand said that there would be a focus on Japanese titles during the livestream that just ended, a promise they did deliver on and one of the interesting things announced was Synduality. It's a Bandai Namco adventure that takes place in a very dystopian setting where humanity has pretty much been wiped out.

The year is 2222 and we will get to play as Drifters looking for scarce resources, where something called AO crystals is of extra importance. As it is a Japanese action adventure, it does of course offers mechs to use while fighting off creatures know as Enders, and there's also online play confirmed.

So far, Playstation 5 is the only confirmed format when it launches next year, and the first trailer can be found below.


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