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Sydney Sweeney is working on a Barbarella remake

The movie will be based on the French comic from the 60s.

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Sydney Sweeney is currently one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood thanks to the massive success of the hit show Euphoria. We already knew she was going to enter the superhero realm with the upcoming Madame Web, and now we know of another one of her projects.

It turns out Sweeney is ready to do work behind the camera as well, as she will both be executive producer and actress in a new Barbarella movie. This is originally a French comic from the 60s, often referred to as one of the first erotic comic books. It was also made into a movie with the same name in 1968 starring Jane Fonda, which became somewhat of a sci-fi cult classic that has been called both feminist and sexist at the same time.

There is still no director or writer attached to the project, which probably means it is a few years away. Do you think Barbarella can be revived today and is Sydney Sweeney the right choice as actress?

Sydney Sweeney is working on a Barbarella remake

Thanks Deadline

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