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Agents of Mayhem

Switching agents on the fly is key in Agents of Mayhem

We talked to Volition's Anoop Shekar about the game that's set in a world without Saints.

At E3 we got the chance to catch up with Agents of Mayhem's project design director Anoop Shekar about the game and what exactly we can expect to see from the upcoming release.

Talking about the story, Shekar said that there is "Legion - they're the bad guys - they sort of attack all over the world simultaneously, they've done a lot of damage. The world is really in peril and there's only one group that can stop them and that's Mayhem". Mayhem, however, are amoral in their actions. "They're not there to save the world, they're there to stop the Legion specifically" and the player can decide how much collateral damage they wish to cause in the process.

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In terms of gameplay, "the idea is you go into the city, you pick the three agents that you want to play with at that time and you can swap between them", having 12 to choose from overall. "When you're in combat, you're switching out the agents on a regular basis depending on the situation, the types of enemies you're fighting and what you're trying to do".

The setting was also something that came up in conversation as well. "Like most of our open world games, the entire game world is open to you very much from the beginning", this world being a futuristic version of Seoul in a universe where the Saints (of Saints Row) never existed. The idea is that Legion have strongholds in the city and Mayhem are there to "take away their occupation".

Agents of Mayhem is due for release in 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Agents of Mayhem

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