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Swedish gaming giant Embracer confirms laying off of 900 employees, shut down 15 games

Following a challenging year.

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We have previously reported on the Swedish Embracer Group's negative results and the failure of the giant deal, which led to the closure of studios and the dismissal of 5% of the workforce. CEO Lars Wingefors confirmed yesterday evening that 900 developers have been laid off as a result of that and that they are now working to stabilise the business.

Saint's Row studio Volition has had to close down completely, while Tomb Raider developers Crystal Dynamics have been forced to lay off 10% of their workforce too. There are also rumours that Free Radical Design have all been fired and the new Timesplitters has been shut down by Embracer. This while Dead Island 2 made a profit after being in development hell for several years, and Payday 3 is already making a profit despite a troubled launch.

Lars Wingefors, CEO Embracer Group:
"It's never easy to part ways with talented individuals. I would like to put on record a special thanks to the people who have left Embracer in the quarter. These are difficult decisions and we do not take them lightly. For me, personally, it is crucial that the program is carried out with compassion, respect, and integrity."

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Swedish gaming giant Embracer confirms laying off of 900 employees, shut down 15 games

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