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Swedish football club Malmö FF has signed a two-year collaboration agreement with EA

The deal will see an exclusive version of FIFA 22 stylised with Malmö FF's colours and branding able to be purchased.

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As part of the continued saga of football club exclusivity in either FIFA or eFootball games, EA has announced that it has partnered with the Swedish football club Malmö FF, in a two-year deal that will see the club represented in FIFA 22.

The collaboration will provide fans and supporters a chance to engage with Malmö FF in-game unlike ever before, and will see exclusive Malmö FF versions of FIFA 22 able to be purchased from the football club's shop.

"We are very pleased with this agreement, which we are convinced will benefit the club in several stages of our business," said Anna Nordström Carlsson, marketing and communications manager at Malmö FF, after translation. "For example, EA runs many campaigns that, among other things, touch on important issues such as racism, equality and mental health, and this is something that we at Malmö FF also work actively with in our community involvement."

You can take a look at the Malmö FF version of FIFA 22 below, and if you want to grab one, you can actually pre-book interest in a copy today.


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