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Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars announced by Paradox Interactive

Settle a colony and make it thrive on the red planet.

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Publisher Paradox Interactive has revealed a brand new management strategy game called Surviving Mars from developer Haemimont Games, a studio that has developed such games as Victor Vran and some Tropico entries.

Surviving Mars will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One and will see you attempt to build a colony on Mars, managing resources in order to ensure your people survive in the most comfortable way possible. This will see you take control of the colonisation effort right from the offset, where you only have a few rovers and supplies, expanding gradually to produce more and more advanced technology, all the while facing the hostile conditions of this new planet.

"We feel that strategy and management games are at their best when they let the player experience the unique story being told by their decisions, and Surviving Mars is going to have that in a big way," said Gabriel Dobrev, CEO of Haemimont Games. "Your colonists aren't just working to improve production, they're struggling to survive, and their conflicts and concerns are intense. Surviving Mars lets you understand what your colonists are dealing with on an individual level, and coming up with creative plans for those needs will be a new challenge for our fans."

"We've wanted to work with Haemimont Games for years, and it looks like the stars have finally aligned," added Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. "Expanding our management-strategy catalog has been something we've wanted to do for some time, after the successful launch of Cities: Skylines and building the player community around that genre. Finding a developer who shares our core design tenets is always gratifying, but with Haemimont and Surviving Mars we're going to be giving our players a new experience that's uniquely their own, and I'm looking forward to hearing the tales of triumph and catastrophe from our community."

For more on the game be sure to visit the official website here. Does this look like an interesting take on management strategy games?

Surviving Mars
Surviving MarsSurviving MarsSurviving Mars

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