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Fallout 76

Survival Mode lands in Fallout 76

With increased danger from your fellow players comes an XP boost, improved weekly challenges, and other tweaks as well.

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Fallout 76 has a lot of plans for 2019, one of which is Survival Mode, which has just landed in the game to provide an extra challenge to those who want it.

This is separate from the main game and is all about removing restrictions on PvP and bringing in higher stakes for PvP combat. There's even a permanent XP bonus, scoreboards, and more to entice fans into the harsh Appalachia wilderness.

Adventure Mode is the classic option that represents the game as we know it, but on the Main Menu you can also select Survival Mode. Well, we say Adventure Mode is the same, but there's one key difference - the damage dealt to players that aren't hostile has been reduced to zero. This serves to reduce unwanted PvP, but there are exceptions, like if you have pacifist mode disabled and you return fire to a player attacking you. Also, trying to claim another player's workshop or having your own contested will open PvP, and environmental hazards like cars exploding can indirectly cause another player to kill you.

In a future update Bethesda will also be extending this protection in Adventure Mode to Camps as well, which will mean your base can't be damaged if you're not hostile towards the attacking player. More details will be provided on this soon.

Back to Survival Mode though, and there's a 20% XP bonus in this mode, with the full game's content offering still available here. You can transfer your characters between Survival and Adventure whenever you like, although changes in each will be reflected in the other.

Other players won't appear on the map unless they're Wanted or one of the top three players on the leaderboard in this mode though, meaning you can sneak up on people easier, and you earn twice as many Caps for PvP kills. They'll drop all their junk and a random amount of aid items too, so there are plenty of incentives to get stuck in.

If you get killed though, the Seek Revenge respawn option has been removed, although you can spend Caps to place a bounty on the player's head, making them appear Wanted for all players.

PvP damage has also been adjusted as well, including reducing the likelihood you can get downed in one hit. Also, only the healing effects of one Stimpak of each type can be active at a time now, meaning you can't stack Stimpak healing effects. Also, you can only respawn at your Camp, Vault 76, or Stations, with fast travel also limited to these locations and to Workshops. Once you do fast travel though you're invincible for a short while, but if you fire your weapon that'll be removed early.

The scoreboard mentioned earlier shows how long you've managed to stay alive, as well as your PvP skills and other stats. You can even see the stats from your best life in the week and compare them to others, but they reset on death or each week. A future update plans on giving you the ability to compare scoreboard stats with friends as well.

When you're in the top three in a category you can a bronze, silver, or gold medal next to your name, although you'll be visible in the world for players to come and kill you. If you do die though, your death screen will show you how you performed.

More difficult weekly challenges are coming to test you too, providing extra rewards to those who can tackle them. We already know about the first one, running from now until April 1, providing a M79 Grenade Launcher called Crushing Blow, dealing double damage if the target is at full health and adding 50% limb damage. For more on the rewards for the first six weeks, head to this link.

New challenges and legendary rewards are being added each week, and Bethesda asks for continued feedback regarding the game and these changes.

Will you be trying your luck in Survival Mode?

Fallout 76

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