The Quarry

Supermassive Games unveils cinematic teen horror game The Quarry, launches in June

We know the actors, the key game features and additional pre-order incentives.

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2K and Supermassive Games are launching a new horror game later this year. The Quarry will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC (Steam) as early as June 10th, the developers announce via press release just now.

The Quarry is described as a teen horror game that aims to step into the shoes of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series. In the plot synopsis, we learn that a bunch of teenagers plan a big party for the last night of their summer-camp trip. However, the boisterous festivities are interrupted by "blood-drenched locals and something much, much darker", forcing the nine young people to make difficult life-or-death decisions.


According to Supermassive Games, our actions will determine the outcome of the story, as the fate of every characters of the Hackett's Quarry summer camp lies within our hands. In addition to the high replayability created by the branching story, the developers heavily emphasises their game's graphical presentation (especially the details on the actor's faces) as well as The Quarry's usage of lightning. The cinematic approach is bolstered by different Hollywood actors, such as:

  • Ariel Winter - Abi

  • Miles Robbins - Dylan

  • Halston Sage - Emma

  • Zach Tinker - Jacob

  • Brenda Song - Kaitlyn

  • Siobhan Williams - Laura

  • Skyler Gisondo - Max

  • Evan Evagora - Nick

  • Justice Smith - Ryan

  • Ethan Suplee - Bobby

  • David Arquette - Chris

  • Lin Shaye - Constance

  • Grace Zabriskie - Eliza

  • Lance Henriksen - Jed

  • Ted Raimi - Travis

Since the release date is not too far away, the publisher 2K Games can already provide information about particular game features, such as the 'Death Rewind' feature: after playing through The Quarry for the first time, you unlock an option that allows you to potentially reverse characters' deaths. 2K Games describes that players will only have three retries during a single playthrough to potentially save a character's fate due to reversing an earlier decision.

Thanks to the 'Movie Mode', you will be able to experience The Quarry as a feature film, with frequent pauses that allows the audience to vote on how the story should progress from this point on. A total of eight players can join in the watchalong movie night online - but there will be no cross-play available between the console platforms from Sony and Microsoft. If you prefer to play with your local friends, you can pass on the controller and give each player control over a character of choice. Since the difficulty level is adjustable, the developer hopes that even people who rarely have a controller in their hands will be able to enjoy the story.

The QuarryThe QuarryThe Quarry
The QuarryThe Quarry

Those who pre-order The Quarry will receive a filter pack with different HUD overlays. You can choose between a grainy 8mm format, the VHS aesthetic from the 80s or the classic black and white screening. The Deluxe Edition (price unknown) of the horror game includes this screen filter DLC, and customers receive virtual skins for the main characters. These costumes are reminiscent of the 80s and they will ship "on or by July 8".

Buying the Deluxe Edition grants access to a special "Gorefest" option for the Movie Mode, which turns the teen horror into a splatterfest (The Quarry is M-rated by the way). Unfortunately, we don't know whether you can get the same experience when playing the action for yourself. Deluxe Edition owners will also be allowed to access the Death Rewind feature right from the bat for their first playthrough, while everyone else will get it after completing the story once.

Please pay attention to the platform you would like to play the game on. 2K made a clear distinction between Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4 and PS5 games and therefore, save files cannot be transferred from one format to the other - even within the same console family. However, buyers of the Deluxe Edition will receive both the last-gen and current-gen console versions of The Quarry on the same platform.

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