The Casting of Frank Stone

Supermassive Games shows more of The Casting of Frank Stone

The spinoff game was featured heavily during the recent anniversary stream for Dead by Daylight.

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Over the years of Dead by Daylight's existence, the backstory has grown considerably and a host of characters have been added to expand the game world. We even got a dating simulator where players got to romance various killers in the form of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim. Admittedly not canon, but still.

Supermassive Games, known for heavy story-focused games like Until Dawn and The Quarry, is currently working hard to further expand the universe that Dead by Daylight is set in.

The Casting of Frank Stone is an upcoming game from Supermassive Games that will, presumably, be similar to their previous titles but set in the same universe as Dead by Daylight.

We've already seen a teaser from the game and in recent weeks they've released audio recordings from the game, which suggests that the team is getting ready to show it off more very soon. In conjunction with the fact that Dungeons & Dragons will be the next chapter in Dead by Daylight, an image and a gameplay trailer from The Casting of Frank Stone was also released showing off the title's protagonists. You can find both below.

The Casting of Frank Stone

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