Hades II

Supergiant teases Hades II's first patch, thanks players for feedback

We'll hopefully see some changes to resource gathering and mobility.

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Hades II has been in early access for just over a week now, and already fans have been flooding Supergiant's inbox with requests for additional features, changes to existing ones, and new characters to introduce.

A lot of the major content additions will be coming in the big updates. Supergiant outlined in a recent post on Steam that this won't be happening for a few months, but the developer is piecing together the game's first patch.

While patches won't add lots of new content, they will hopefully match what players are asking for in their feedback requests. The two big things outlined in the Steam post were resource gathering, as players have pointed out multiple times it doesn't exactly feel good to miss out on resources because you brought the wrong tool. The second change is concerning the game's mobility, as Supergiant is looking for ways to improve your Dash and Sprint in the game.

What change do you want to see in Hades II?

Hades II

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