Hades II

Supergiant is only working on Hades projects currently

The developer doesn't have any sneaky side projects in the pipeline. The indie developer is solely focussed on Hades for Netflix and Hades II.

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It's getting close to 18 months since Supergiant Games announced Hades II at The Game Awards in 2022. Since that time, the title has been delayed out of 2023 entirely, and now we're eyeing up an arrival as an Early Access project in the second quarter of this year, so quite soon. But with all this time dedicated to working on the Hades sequel, has Supergiant found any opportunity to begin working on other projects as well?

The simple answer to that question is no. Supergiant is currently solely focussed on Hades projects, and this includes bringing Hades to Netflix on March 19, and of course the upcoming Hades II. Creative director Greg Kasavin spoke about this major focus on the Hades series during a roundtable interview.

"We are a small team, we work on one big new game at a time and always have, and we don't tend to work on something more, and Hades for Netflix and Hades II have been our projects ever since the original game shipped.

"Hades II has been in development now for more than three years and is coming to Early Access in the second quarter, so in the months to come. We're quite far along and excited to see what everyone thinks. It's its own standalone story based on the sister of Zagreus, of course the stories are deeply connected for anyone who has played both games, and we're even excited that they can be experienced in any order.

"We figure for some people Hades II might be their first game and they might come back to the original afterwards, all that stuff is exciting to us, it always has been."

So, Hades and more Hades is on the mind of Supergiant. While we still don't have a firm date for when Hades II will actually debut into Early Access, you can check out the mobile Netflix trailer for the original game below.

Hades II

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