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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Beginner's Tips

There's a lot to take in with Nintendo's new brawler, but these tips should help you get started.

  • Kieran HarrisKieran Harris
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Make sure to keep track of all your Spirits - you'll never know when you need them.

Use Saved Teams and Favourites to Save Time

As you progress along the board game-like map you will start to earn hundreds of spirits, making housekeeping methods such as creating saved teams pretty useful in the long run. During some stages, there will be hazards such as poisonous fog, sleep-inducing floors, and high winds, and you may have a support spirit for these effects, but it's likely you'll only need it for this specific situation. By saving a team or by marking them individually as favourites you can quickly filter through and grab the right spirit for the job instead of having to sift through your entire collection. We'd also recommend doing this for different types of primary spirits, as you'll be alternating between them on a regular basis to receive that all-important power boost.

Keep Your Spirits Busy With Activities

Activities are a great way to make progress even when your Switch is on standby. You can send your spirits to the Gym or the Dojo to level up and you can take them on Expeditions to the caves or the mines for them to harvest resources. You'll find these Activities in specific locations on the map and they will become unlockable after defeating the master spirit that's guarding it. Activities are something that we would urge you to engage in daily as they enable you to stock up on much-need spirit points and support items, being the most time-efficient way of enhancing specific spirits past level 99. Make sure though that you aren't too quick to dismiss any weak-looking spirits during your adventure though, as you'll always need a team of workers to help find you goodies.

Dismiss Any Duplicate Spirits

Dismissing spirits is not only a good method for general housekeeping but it means that you will receive spirit points and cores that can be used for levelling up and summoning other spirits. Ultimate doesn't stack any spirits you have twice and instead includes them simultaneously within your list, so things can look a little unnecessarily messy if you aren't organised. As the same spirits can be unlocked from the Spirit Board, World of Light Mode, and the Vault Shop there's bound to be some crossover, so take advantage of this and get those extra cores and spirit points.

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