Super Pocket: Capcom Edition

The Evercade gang's budget machine has been giving Petter strong, old Game Boy vibes for the past few weeks and he's now all smiles....

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Britain's Blaze Entertainment have established themselves as modern retro kings with their Evercade console (available in both desktop and portable formats), and with the new Super Pocket they've really thrown in one of the most ingenious, affordable and wonderful gaming devices we've had the pleasure of touching in the last year.

My first portable gaming device was an Atari Lynx. I bought it with hard earned summer job money in the late summer of 1990. I was then just 13 years old and along with the rubbish game Gates of Zendocon, I carried home the machine that I thought would be my new best friend. It wasn't. Not at all. The Lynx was heavy, big, sucked battery power like nothing else (except for Game Gear of course) and the game selection was almost disastrous. Fortunately, I had a good friend whose older brother really wanted to trade in his Game Boy and really wanted a Lynx, instead. I traded my portable Atari flop plus California Games and Zendocon for a Game Boy and the games Tetris, Super Mario Land and Alleyway. Despite the monochrome screen, smaller size and simpler games graphically, Nintendo's portable manikin was far, far superior to anything Lynx and I really remember how happy I was with my trade-in.

Super Pocket: Capcom Edition

The Game Boy gave me a certain feeling that no other gaming device has come close to since. A significant part of me has always assumed that it had to do with age. Young, curious and not particularly picky. Another part of me has always thought it had to do with Nintendo's big investment in its first portable device, because the Game Boy was in many ways magically charming and the games were fantastic. But now I know that wasn't true, none of it. The fact that no Game Gear, Nomad, DS, 3DS, PSP or Vita managed to evoke the same feeling in me had nothing to do with age. It was purely to do with the machine and its design and the games. Alone. Because now... 34 years later, I have found the same feeling again.

Super Pocket: Capcom Edition
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When we were offered a Super Pocket review machine from the ever-friendly guys over at Arcade Dreams I wasn't particularly familiar with the console itself, the games that are pre-installed on it or the fact that the Super Pocket is part of the Evercade ecosystem. So in addition to the 12 Capcom classics that are inside the unit at purchase, you can download any Evercade cartridge you want, making this a new Game Boy. Convenient, charming, old-fashioned and very addictive as we have a number of Evercade collections in cassette form here at the editorial office, including the Codemasters Collection, Data East Collection, Duke Nukem Collection and Atari Collection.

The Super Pocket measures 7.8 centimetres in width and 12.5 centimetres in height and is just over 2.5 centimetres thick, making it a "flat Game Boy", if you will. It houses a built-in lithium battery that charges via USB-C and lasts about five hours per charge. The screen measures 2.8" and is an IPS panel type which means brilliant detail, pixel density, colour saturation and sharpness. In fact, the screen is what impresses most here along with how flawlessly smooth this little bright blue console really is. In an age where everything has to be installed, connected to wifi, updated and where nothing can even be started before registering a profile with email, password and all possible personal information - it is unbearably, unbelievably, improbably nice to have a gaming device that starts immediately and in three seconds is inside the game you have chosen to start, without any hassle or login boxes. The Super Pocket is fast, smooth, simple and stylish and the Linux-based interface on the inside is almost invisible, never gets in the way and never causes any problems.

Super Pocket: Capcom EditionSuper Pocket: Capcom Edition

Super Pocket: Capcom Edition is, of course, the Capcom version of Super Pocket and here you'll find 12 timeless arcade classics from the Japanese gaming giant. 1943, Strider, Final Fight, Mega Man, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter II, Captain Commando, Ghouls 'n Ghosts... The range is brilliant and these are unadulterated, full arcade versions of these games we're talking about, which pleases an old arcade fox like yours truly to no end. The performance here is also flawless. Perfect. Nothing stutters, nothing freezes or hangs, nothing messes up. The games run smoothly as they should and the gaming experience is phenomenal.

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The games included:
• 1942
• 1943
• 1944 : The Loop Master
• Bionic Commando
• Captain Commando
• Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
• Strider
• Wolf of the Battlefield: Mercs
• Mega Man
• Final Fight
• Ghouls 'n Ghosts
• Forgotten Worlds

Super Pocket: Capcom Edition is a wonderful little device that I have become highly addicted to over the past two weeks. The build quality is superb, the design as well as the ergonomics and feel of the controls + buttons are brilliant and the screen is fantastic. The fact that it is possible to buy Super Pocket: Capcom Edition in for £50, I see as the best bargain of the year. Had it cost twice as much, I would still describe it as extremely affordable. Do yourself a Christmas favour, buy yourself one of these bright blue little 2023 Game Boy for Christmas and play Captain Commando until you break a sweat.

10 Gamereactor UK
10 / 10
Amazing build quality, brilliant battery life, brilliant IPS screen, superb performance, hassle-free and speedy start-up, can play all Evercade cartridges.
Mega Man 2 is missing
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The Evercade gang's budget machine has been giving Petter strong, old Game Boy vibes for the past few weeks and he's now all smiles....

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