Super Nintendo World might be forced to close again due to the pandemic

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura intends to declare a third state of emergency.

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As the pandemic is still going wild, the situation in Japan is not positive, especially in the Kansai region. Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura has announced that he intends to ask the central government to declare a third state of emergency in Osaka Prefecture due to the resurgence of novel coronavirus cases.

According to kyodonews' report (via Nintendolife), the governor said: "It is necessary to request the closure of large-scale commercial facilities such as theme park and eateries where infection risks are high", which of course includes Universal Studios Japan and its newly opened Super Nintendo World.

Super Nintendo World is the latest USJ theme park that just opened last month, even though Universal Studio tries to cope with the Covid-19 situation by limiting visitor numbers, the theme park might still have to close down again inevitably due to the increasing daily case numbers of infection.

Well, safety first.

Super Nintendo World might be forced to close again due to the pandemic

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