Super Nintendo World Japan will open next week

An indefinite delay doesn't always mean very long.

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When Universal and Nintendo announced that the opening of their Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan would have to be delayed indefinitely two months ago many of you probably feared we wouldn't get to see it for a long time. That's not the case, however.

Universal Studios Japan reveals that Super Nintendo World Japan is set to open its doors on March 18, and I highly doubt we'll see another delay when we're just ten days away from it.

That's not to say the opening will be as grand as Universal initially hoped though, as we're told there will be heavy restrictions as to how many visitors are allowed inside at once, masks are required and some extra waiting must be expected because of cleaning and sterilisation of facilities and equipment. Still, it'll be fun to hear what people think about the park next week.

Super Nintendo World Japan will open next week

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