Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey gets new overview trailer

With over five minutes of new gameplay.

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If you're wondering what you'll be doing in the upcoming Switch title Super Mario Odyssey, other than running and jumping of course, the new Overview Trailer might give you a good idea. In this video you can see how the new character, Cappy, will influence gameplay, allowing Mario to take control of several characters and access special abilities.

Another big part of the experience is the Odyssey ship that allows Mario to visit different kingdoms. The video also lets us know that each kingdom will have a store to buy caps and suits, plus Power Moons, used to power the Odyssey in order to travel further. Both Snapshot and co-op modes have already been revealed in the past, but you can also take a new look at them again in this five-minute trailer.

Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 27. Does this trailer get you even more excited for the release?

Super Mario Odyssey

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