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Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker gets new search portal

It will be available on December as Nintendo celebrates 3 million player created levels.

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Super Mario Maker has proved a huge success for Nintendo, conquering the hearts of the gamers all around the world, eager to create their own Mario-theme levels to share with other players. In fact, more than 3 million levels have been created and shared thus far.

The game was recently updated with many new features, but it seems Nintendo is keen to further enhance this experience by adding new more content. In December a new online search portal, which will offer a more powerful search function user created levels will launch. You can also use your smartphone or mobile device via app, with which players can apply various filters to look for levels more efficiently, add them to their favourites and play once at home.

Finally, during the presentation, Nintendo released an interesting trailer with some of their favourite player created designs, sharing in it the proper IDs to download them. You can take a look at the trailer below and you may want to pause it in order to jot down the codes.

Super Mario Maker

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