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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder - A Complete Guide to worlds, courses, and secret exits

Missing any seed or level to complete a world? Take a look at this reference guide and you'll be able to 100% the game.

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From the very first Super Mario Bros., and more so ever since Super Mario Bros. 3 introduced world maps, on every 2D entry to the series we expect a ton of secrets, alternative paths, bonus levels, and hidden exits to warp to other places, both within the levels themselves and on the maps. The wonderful Super Mario Bros. Wonder honours this tradition and, in case you got lost, we've readied this reference guide in which we tell you how to explore the whole Flower Kingdom. Evidently, this includes spoilers if you haven't seen every world in your game as of yet.

How many worlds are there in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

This new entry is split into 8 worlds holding a total of 129 playable levels between traditional full size courses (77) and smaller trials (badge challenges, break times, arenas, races, and search games, 52). The seventh world, Petal Isles, acts as a central hub interconnecting the other six on the land, and it also houses the last few levels until the final battle with Bowser. The eighth world is similar to the hidden world or the special world in other instalments, with much more difficult courses, tapping into the seven preceding worlds' mechanics and putting your mastering of those to the test.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

How to collect every Wonder Seed in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

If you want to complete the game and are missing any level or secret exit, below we're listing every world and their respective courses, marking their difficulty with stars and whether they hide an alternative exit and thus grant 3 Wonder Seeds (bar some exceptions). And even if they're not playable levels per se, we also include stops such as Poplin Shops, houses, or locales granting seeds without even playing, just by paying with flower coins or talking to the characters.

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If you want to know if you've completed any given world to its 100%, make sure you got the green check mark ✓ besides its seeds counter on the Courses menu (L). In total, there are 225 Wonder Seeds in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, other than the 7 Royal Seeds for each land world.

If you want to know if you have completed a certain level fully, take a look at the translucid check mark ✓ showing behind flagpole, seeds, and 10 flower coin track record, under the difficulty level, at the Courses menu.

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This might guide you well enough already and you can trust your instinct from there, but if you're still getting stuck anyway or don't know how to complete an area, take a look below and clear up any doubts:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Full worlds and levels list

W1: Pipe-Rock Plateau [35 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Welcome to the Flower Kingdom! ★

  2. Piranha Plants on Parade [hidden exit] ★

  3. Scram, Skedaddlers! ★

  4. Bulrush Coming Through! [hidden exit] ★

  5. Here Come the Hoppos ★★

  6. Rolla Koopa Derby ★★

  7. Swamp Pipe Crawl ★★★

  8. Angry Spikes and Sinkin' Pipes ★★

  9. Bulrush Express [hidden exit] ★★★★

  10. Sproings in the Twilight Forest ★★

  11. Cosmic Hoppos ★★★

  12. Badge Challenge: Parachute Cap I ★

  13. Badge Challenge: Wall-Climb Jump I ★

  14. Expert Badge Challenge: Jet Run I ★★★

  15. Wiggler Race: Mountaineering! ★

  16. Pipe-Rock Plateau Palace ★★★

  17. KO Arena: Pipe-Rock Rumble

  18. Break Time!: Hurry, Hurry

  19. Break Time!: Wonder Token Tunes

  20. Break Time!: Pop Up, Hoppo!

  21. Badge House in the Pipe-Rock Plateau<li>
    <li>Poplin Shop

W2: Fluff-Puff Peaks [30 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Outmaway Valley [hidden exit] ★★★

  2. Pokipede Pass ★

  3. Condarts Away! ★★

  4. Pole Block Passage ★★

  5. Up 'n' Down with Puffy Lifts ★★

  6. Jump! Jump! Jump! ★★★★

  7. Countdown to Drop Down ★★★

  8. Cruising with Linking Lifts ★★

  9. Badge Challenge: Wall-Climb Jump II ★★★★

  10. Badge Challenge: Floating High Jump I ★

  11. Expert Badge Challenge: Spring Feet I ★★★

  12. Fluff-Puff Peaks Flying Battleship ★★★

  13. Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace ★★★★

  14. KO Arena: Fluff-Puff Kerfuff

  15. Search Party: Puzzling Park

  16. Break Time!: Kick It, Outmaway

  17. Break Time!: Cloud Cover

  18. Break Time!: Zip-Go-Round

  19. Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin

  20. Poplin Shop

  21. Poplin Shop 2

W3: Shining Falls [20 Wonder Seeds]

  1. The Hoppycat Trial: Hop, Hop, and Awaaay ★★★

  2. The Anglefish Trial: Ready, Aim, Fly! ★★

  3. The Midway Trial: Hop to It ★★

  4. The Sharp Trial: Launch to Victory ★★★★

  5. The Sugarstar Trial: Across the Night Sky ★★★

  6. The Final Trial: Zip Track Dash ★★★

  7. POOF! Badge Challenge: Crouching High Jump I ★

  8. Search Party: An Empty Park?

  9. Break Time!: Unreachable Treasure?

  10. Break Time!: Watery Wonder Tokens

  11. Break Time!: Timer-Switch Climb

  12. Break Time!: Timer-Switch Dash

  13. Master Poplin's House

  14. Royal Seed Mansion

  15. Poplin Shop

W4: Sunbaked Desert [36 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Armads on the Roll ★★★

  2. The Desert Mystery ★★

  3. Rolling-Ball Hall ★★

  4. Ninji Jump Party ★

  5. Bloomps of the Desert Skies ★★★

  6. Valley Fulla Snootles ★★

  7. Color-Switch Dungeon ★★

  8. Secrets of Shova Mansion [hidden exit] ★★

  9. Flight of the Bloomps ★★★★

  10. Badge Challenge: Parachute Cap II ★★★

  11. Badge Challenge: Crouching High Jump II ★★★★

  12. Expert Badge Challenge: Invisibility I ★★★

  13. Sunbaked Desert Palace ★★★★

  14. KO Arena: Sunbaked Skirmish

  15. Search Party: Pipe Park

  16. Break Time!: Treasure Vault

  17. Break Time!: Raise the Stage

  18. Break Time!: Revver Run

  19. Break Time!: Floating Wonder Tokens

  20. Break Time!: Bouncy Tunes

  21. Break Time!: Lights Out

  22. Sunbaked Desert House

  23. Poplin Shop

  24. Hidden Poplin Shop


W5 Fungi Mines [21 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Upshroom Downshroom ★

  2. Taily's Toxic Pond ★★★

  3. Light-Switch Mansion ★★

  4. Beware of the Rifts ★★★

  5. An Uncharted Area: Wubba Ruins ★★

  6. Another Uncharted Area: Swaying Ruins ★★★

  7. A Final Uncharted Area: Poison Ruins [hidden exit, but no seed granted] ★★★★

  8. Badge Challenge: Grappling Vine I ★★

  9. KO Arena: Fungi Funk

  10. Break Time!: Tumble House

  11. Break Time!: Trottin' Piranha Plants

  12. Loyal Poplin's House

  13. Operation Poplin Rescue

  14. Poplin Shop

W6: Deep Magma Bog [30 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Where the Rrrumblas Rule [hidden exit] ★★

  2. Raarghs in the Riuns ★★★

  3. Pull, Turn, Burn ★★★★

  4. Hot-Hot-Hot! [hidden exit] ★★

  5. Wavy Ride through the Magma Tube ★★★★

  6. Dragon Boneyard ★★★★

  7. Badge Challenge: Floating High Jump II ★★★

  8. Badge Challenge: Boosting Spin Jump II ★★★

  9. Badge Challenge: Grappling Vine II ★★★

  10. Expert Badge Challenge: Jet Run II ★★★

  11. Expert Badge Challenge: Invisibility II ★★★

  12. Expert Badge Challenge: Spring Feet II ★★★★

  13. Deep Magma Bog Flying Battleship ★★★

  14. Deep Magma Bog Palace ★★★★

  15. KO Arena: Magma Flare-Up

  16. Search Party: Item Park

  17. Break Time!: Hot-Hot-Rocks

  18. Deep Magma Bog Observatory #1

  19. Deep Magma Bog Observatory #2

  20. Deep Magma Bog Observatory #3

  21. Deep Magma Bog Observatory #4

  22. Poplin Shop


Central hub world: Petal Isles [34 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Leaping Smackerel ★★

  2. Robbird Cove ★★

  3. Blewbird Roost ★★

  4. Downpour Uproar ★★★

  5. Jewel-Block Cave ★★

  6. Gnawsher Lair ★★★

  7. Maw-Maw Mouthful ★★

  8. Muncher Fields ★★

  9. Badge Challenge: Dolphin Kick I ★

  10. Badge Challenge: Dolphin Kick II ★★

  11. Badge Challenge: Boosting Spin Jump I ★

  12. Wiggler Race: Swimming! ★★

  13. Wiggler Race: Spelunking! ★★★★

  14. Petal Isles Flying Battleship ★★★

  15. KO Arena: Petal Meddle

  16. Angler Poplin's House

  17. Poplin Shop

  18. Poplin Shop 2

  19. Missile Meg Mayhem ★★★

  20. High-Voltage Gauntlet ★★★★

  21. Evade the Seeker Bullet Bills! ★★★★

  22. KnuckeFest Bowser's Blazing Beats ★★★★

  23. The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage ★★★★★

Special World [19 Wonder Seeds]

  1. Pipe-Rock Plateau Special Bounce, Bounce Bounce ★★★★★

  2. Fluff-Puff Peaks Special Climb to the Beat ★★★★★

  3. Shining Falls Special Triple Threat Deluge ★★★★★

  4. Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure ★★★★★

  5. Fungi Mines Special Dangerous Donut Ride ★★★★★

  6. Deep Magma Bog Special Solar Roller ★★★★★

  7. Petal Isles Special Way of the Goombas ★★★★★

  8. The Semifinal Test Piranha Plant Reprise ★★★★★

  9. The Final Test Wonder Gauntlet ★★★★★

  10. The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon ★★★★★

  11. Standee Shop [no seed]

  12. WONDER? [no seed]

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