Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky's Tale rumoured to be heading to Switch

The PC and Xbox One title might have been revealed for Nintendo's console courtesy of some employee resumes uncovered online.

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CVs and resumes are great places to show off your achievements, but every now and then in our industry they can let slip some important unannounced information, which might have been the case recently with concept artist Taylor Smith, who has worked on Playful Corp's Super Lucky's Tale.

As brought to our attention by Nintendo Everything, Smith said he had worked on "environment assets for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port," and former Playful employee Jesse Sosa has also mentioned this version on his LinkedIn profile, adding fuel to this rumour's fire.

Considering the game's colourful image and the prevalence for 3D platformers on the Switch, it seems a pretty natural fit for us, but we should add that this is still unconfirmed for now, so hold your horses until we get official word.

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Super Lucky's Tale

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