Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky's Tale flirts with 80s in new expansion

Guardian Trials has arrived for PC and Xbox One.

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In what must be considered a surprise move, Microsoft and Playful Corp has released a new expansion for Super Lucky's Tale. This time it sports a glorious 1980s retro-theme and the new adventure is called Guardian Trials. This time we get to know Lucky's sister Lyra better as she trains to become a guardian. Fans of pro-wrestling can look forward a few homages and Lucky himself also get new equipment like leg warmers, sweatbands, and unitards.

Super Lucky's Tale was released in November last year (here's our review), and is also included with Xbox Game Pass. The expansion Guardian Trials costs £4.19 / €4.99. Below is the release trailer and under it is the plot description courtesy of the press release:


"It's Training Day in Foxington! Lucky's back in "Guardian Trials", a dazzling new chapter for Super Lucky's Tale. Together with a lively cast of coaches, Lucky's big sister Lyra has set up Lucky with a series of insurmountable challenges that only a true Guardian could conquer. Join Lucky as he puzzles, burrows, leaps, and rolls through a hilariously retro bootcamp that's tougher than any epic training montage!"

Have you played Super Lucky's Tale and if so what do you make of it?

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