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Super League Gaming bringing tournaments to ggCircuit

Any gaming center using ggLeap software can get access to Super League's tournaments, with the first program available in June.

Super League Gaming has just revealed a new partnership with esports center services company ggCircuit, meaning easier access to both local and national Super League competitions via the ggLeap center management software.

This software is used by over 915 gaming centers across the world, with a million unique players creating accounts over the last two years, who now have access to Super League's tournaments.

"Partnering with ggCircuit was a natural step in Super League's mission to provide every gamer with regular opportunities to participate in events and leagues within a venue close to their home," said Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming. "We are fortunate to have aligned with a company that shares our commitment to supporting the growth of local player communities through best-in-class solutions and experiences."

"Our automated venue management software unifies hundreds of esports centers and helps them establish lasting connections with gamers in their local community," said Mark Nielsen, chief operating officer and co-founder of ggCircuit. "With Super League as a partner, ggCircuit will be able to deepen that connection by making it easy for esports centers to offer Super League's premium social esports experiences."

The first Super League program will be available to LAN gaming centers in June, so there's not long to wait.

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Super League Gaming bringing tournaments to ggCircuit
Photo: Super League Gaming

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