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Super Cloudbuilt

Super Cloudbuilt coming to PC and consoles this summer

Double Eleven teams up with Coilworks for a "definitive edition" of the 2014 speedrunner.

Cloudbuilt was a visually distinct, wall running, speed run-focused game from Swedish indie studio Coilworks that saw release on PC in 2014. Perhaps it didn't quite catch on with a larger audience in spite of generally positive reviews, but with Super Cloudbuilt it gets a second chance to make it big as developer Coilworks team up with developer/publisher Double Eleven.

Super Cloudbuilt is described as a remaster where the gameplay and mechanics have been touched up (offering more accessibility), while also adding more depth and variation. Super Cloudbuilt contains all the DLC released for the original game and offers three gameplay modes (Story, Ranked and Rush mode). There's a total of 177 challenges to complete between the likes of "Time Trial, No Ammo, Fragile, Supercharge, Beacon, and Pathfinder options".

The game is essentially focused on speed and traversal, and lends itself well to high-score chasing and speed running.

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Super Cloudbuilt
Super CloudbuiltSuper Cloudbuilt
Super CloudbuiltSuper CloudbuiltSuper CloudbuiltSuper Cloudbuilt
Super CloudbuiltSuper Cloudbuilt
Super CloudbuiltSuper CloudbuiltSuper Cloudbuilt
Super CloudbuiltSuper Cloudbuilt

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