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League of Legends

Sun and Moon join Clutch Gaming's academy team

They're getting ready for the Spring Split.

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Clutch Gaming, who will be playing in the upcoming Spring Split of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, has revealed on Twitter that they have signed former FlyQuest player Galen 'Moon' Holgate to their academy team, as well as Josh 'Sun' Cook, producing an appropriate Pokémon reference for the occasion.

"The main reason I joined CG is because they had the best roster I could have asked for, I've only ever heard really good things about our rookies and I know they all have amazing potential long term," Moon said. "There's another academy member, that we will announce, that is a really good veteran to play side-by-side with. Being in Academy is going to train a whole new skill-set for me and I'm excited to work with my new teammates to be the best team in academy."

"I joined Clutch because I felt this would be a great opportunity to develop myself as a player as the team offered the opportunity of playing with other experienced players and staff," Sun added.

Are these two good acquisitions?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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