Dying Light

"Summer with Dying Light" offers new weekly events

Techland's to change things up in their zombie survival game.

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Techland wants all Dying Light players to spend their sunny summer holidays in Harran. The developers announced on Twitter, that across the next six weekends players will get to experience Harran in new ways. All the events start on Saturday 00.00 PST (7.00 BST / 8.00 CET) and last for two days.

Thus the first event starts tomorrow. During the weekend players have access to unlimited grappling hook shots and fall damage is set to almost zero. Next week's weekend event will see Harran get a marathon, but we don't know exactly what that means just yet.

The rest of the events are still to be revealed, but we'll probably hear more about them in the coming weeks. Do you plan to return to Harran for your summer hols?

Dying Light

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